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Hello everyone,

My name is Karolien Coolen and I'm a ceramic maker based in Ghent. I was introduced to ceramics in 2019 at a moment in my life where I was looking to find my true self again. 7 years of university (I have a master in African Languages and Cultures, studied philosophy and participated in a Honors Program concerning Ebola in North-Eastern DRC) in combination with a mind that already has the tendency to overthink everything, drove me a little crazy. From the moment I sat down behind the wheel I experienced a true feeling of happiness. I fell in love immediately and I never stopped. I created this business in 2020 which enabled me to delve in to ceramics more and share my work and love for the process with the world.

I make pieces that are timeless yet modern and will bring that extra spark in your interior; whether it is in your morning ritual with your much needed coffee/tea moment or when you invite people to dine. Beauty, and being able to enjoy this, is one of the things that make us human. It brings us a feeling of bliss and peace. So let me bring some beauty and light in your life to make those special moments even more special. 

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