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Open studio is invented for people who want to spend some time to create and work on their own pieces in an inspiring environment. The atelier is open for up to 4 people at the same time which allows you to learn from on another if you like or take some you-time.

All of the materials in the studio can be used. I will be there in the studio to assist if necassary. Keep in mind that I will not be teaching during those times. 

If you are looking for a peacefull place where you can explore your own style, experiment with new techniques or practice on old ones; then I would like to invite to come and join me in the open studio. 


    Duration: 3h/week (1month/3months)

    Group size: 1-4 people

    Included in the price: clay, all material, coffee and tea

    Excluded in the price: Firing and glazing cost €10/kg

  • DATA

    1month NOV: 2nov-30nov

    1month DEC: 7dec-28dec

    3months JAN-MARCH: 11jan-28march

    1month JAN: 11jan-1feb

    1month FEB: 8feb-29feb

    1month MARCH: 7march-28march


    Karolien and Mariana

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